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We offer a variety of additional Sister’s Home Style products as well as a selection of household and culinary items.

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  • Gift Card

    $25.00$100.00 Gift Card, Gift Store, Online Meals
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    Gift Card


    Expire within a year.

  • Pinch Me Therapy Dough

    $13.99 Gift Store
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    Pinch Me Therapy Dough


    A squishable compound that’s designed to channel relief through the senses, naturally. This placating putty was developed using the proven scientific methodology of color and scent as they relate to relaxation-all in the convenience of a portable container. Think of it as a handy little mood-shifter.

    While it can’t take away all that ails you, it can help get you get back to center so you’re able to face your stressors with the clarity that comes from renewed focus.

  • Inis

    $15.49$40.99 Gift Store
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     Inis the Energy of the Sea – was inspired at Roundstone Beach on the western coast of Ireland. Inis is the Irish word for ‘island’. A truly unique, discovery fragrance – people say the scent of Inis makes them feel close to the sea, no matter where they are.

  • Naked Bee

    $6.99$13.49 Gift Store
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    Naked Bee


    Providing natural skincare products with nourishing ingredients and addictive scents, The Naked Bee believes all products should contain “all the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.”

    So what does this mean? The Naked Bee’s products are made out of real, clean ingredients.

    The Naked Bee’s products are naturally scented and smell great – customers are buzzing about the Orange Blossom Honey lotions! Plus, you don’t have to worry about The Naked Bee doing any animal testing – ever!

  • Zum Lotion

    $6.99$17.99 Gift Store
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    Zum Lotion


    Offers a range of all-natural aromatherapy products for body and home. Any more natural and you’d be naked.

  • E-Cloth

    $7.99$39.99 Gift Store
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    What if you could clean better with just water?

    E-Cloth’s premium, task-specific microfiber cleaning products unlock the cleaning power of WATER – the ultimate natural cleaner.
    Commit to high-performance cleaning with just water for your health, the well-being of your family, and the sustainability of our planet.

    Clean with E-Cloth and water for safe, effective cleaning. Premium microfiber cloths and cleaning supplies clean better with no chemicals. The Better Way to Clean. For Clean & Healthy Homes. 

  • Swedish Dish Cloth

    $5.99 Gift Store
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    Swedish Dish Cloth


    This marvelously absorbent dishcloth from Sweden is a wonder in the kitchen. You’ll never want to go back to sponges or regular cloths when you see how it works. It softens when wet & dries like a dream. They absorb 15 times their own weight, making them the premier cloths on kitchen surfaces.  Kitchen surfaces are virtually streak-free. Made of earth-friendly cellulose & cotton with water-based inks so they are compostable.

  • Doubleup

    $9.99 Gift Store
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    DoubleUp is the world’s first and only can cooler that holds two cans! Simply insert two 12 or 16 oz beverage cans that you would like to keep cool. When you are finished with the top can, there is a second frosty one waiting below!

  • Gently Spoken

    $9.99 Gift Store
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    Gently Spoken


    Over one million gift books LOVED!  An ideal gift for ages 5 to 105

  • Bees Wrap

    $5.99$20.99 Gift Store
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    Bees Wrap


    Wrap bread, cheese, vegetables, or cover a bowl! Bee’s Wrap® is the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.

    Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and create a seal. When cool, the wrap will hold its shape.

    Reusable. Wash in COOL water with a mild dish soap. Let air dry.

  • Cheese Knife

    $15.99 Gift Store
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    Cheese Knife


    This special Cheese Knife is made of a revolutionary new material and design that keeps the cheese on the plate, not on the knife. Originally designed as a soft-cheese knife, the technology also works with butter, boiled eggs, cake, or any substance that typically sticks or leaves a residue on ordinary blades. Heat resistant to 430° F, dishwasher safe, stain resistant, FDA approved.

  • Island Bamboo

    $10.69 Gift Store
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    Island Bamboo


    • These wood utensils are made with 100% pakka wood. The beautifully designed tools are great for use on all cookware as they will not harm the surface
    • FDA approved- food grade colorant will not bleed or fade with washing
    • Choose from 12″ Spoon, 12″ Spatula, 12″ Corner Spoon
    • Hand wash with warm water and mild detergent; use Bamboo renew to extend life and beauty of utensils
    • Colorful & decorative – handles feature an ergonomic comfort grip and add a splash of color to any kitchen
  • Snapi Server

    $7.99 Gift Store
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    Snapi Server


    • Snapi is the Single-Handed Server that is perfect for salads, pasta, veggies and more. The kids LOVE serving their veggies with Snapi. Available in (7) colors: White, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow.
    • NEW !! – Snapi – The Single Handed Server – Perfect for salad bars, buffets, and caterers.
    • Fill a plate with salad, pasta, fruit, etc. with one scoop. No need to put down your plate. No need for two hands.
    • Made from food grade plastic and rubber. Dishwasher safe or spray clean in seconds.
    • Locking feature for storage
  • Scrubeaze

    $3.99$7.49 Gift Store
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    The Ultimate MULTI-PURPOSE scrubber!  Use warm soapy water.  Safe for most surfaces!

    • Marble
    • Tile
    • Boats
    • Pools
    • Garden Tools
    • Furnature
    • Non-Stick Pans
    • Stove
    • Cookware
  • Warmies

    $14.99$24.99 Gift Store
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    Warmies® Plush are the world’s best-selling heatable soft toys. These super popular adorable designs are not only fun playthings, they provide hours of comfort and are loved by all ages. Warmies are gently scented with French lavender that is known for its wonderful fragrance and calming characteristics. Warmies are suitable for all ages.

    • Simple to use – just warm in a microwave
    • Can be reheated hundreds of times
    • Do NOT immerse in water or wash in the washing machine – surface clean only with a damp sponge
  • BevBarrel

    $13.99 Gift Store
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    Beverage Barrels are the easy and ‘cool’ way to carry drinks. Wow your friends at your next outdoor get together. The Bev Barrel allows you to take up to seven of your favorite beverages safely, not like flimsy cardboard holder’s to whatever activity you are headed too. Perfect for when you need to keep your beverages cool but do not want to be hauling that cooler full of ice. With Bev barrel you can simply put a water bottle in the freezer, take it out and stick it in the first holder of your Bev Barrel and Viola, it will keep all your drinks cool for over an hour, even in really hot weather.

    • Holds up to 7 drinks, Keeps all drinks cool for over an hour
    • All drinks roll up creating the barrel secured by Velcro
    • Produces a tight grip on beverages keeping content safe and steady
  • Zum Bar Soap

    $4.99 Gift Store
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    Zum Bar Soap


    ZUM – Offers a range of all-natural aromatherapy products for body and home. Any more natural and you’d be naked.

  • Butterie Dish

    $15.39 Gift Store
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    Butterie Dish


    Butterie is a stylish butter dish that allows you to easily & conveniently enjoy soft, spreadable butter anytime. Butterie’s unique feature is it’s attached flip-top lid. This patented, 1-piece design keeps butter protected while keeping countertops clean.


    $22.49$24.49 Gift Store
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    Wine cup includes sliding, shatterproof lid, triple-insulated for the perfect chill, slip-proof, silicone bottom. BPA-free.

  • Wineslush Mix

    $11.49 Gift Store
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    Wineslush Mix


  • Molly & You -Mug Muffins, Brownies, Cake

    $2.99 Gift Store
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    Molly & You -Mug Muffins, Brownies, Cake


    Microwave Cake, Brownie, and Muffin Singles

    Zero to indulgence in 90 seconds. Add water, microwave & enjoy a perfectly portioned warm brownie, muffin or cake single serve just for you!
  • Zum Mist Aromatherapy Room & Body Spray

    $11.99 Gift Store
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    Zum Mist Aromatherapy Room & Body Spray


    Mist Me With Your Best Shot

    Ounce for ounce, this feel-good, smell-better bottle pumps out all the aromatherapy ditties. Made with essential oils, Zum Mist Aromatherapy Room & Body Spray is a muse genius that inspires uses from body spray to bedroom to closet to bathroom to car to cube. Zum Mist contains no chemical emulsifiers, so just give it a shake and get ready for a versatility virtuoso.

  • Herb & Drizzle Melts

    $6.99 Gift Store
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    Herb & Drizzle Melts


    Swan Creek Herb & Drizzle Melts

    100% Natural Wax , Clean Burning, Lead Free, Intensely Fragrant with long lasting scent!

  • Zum Baby

    $4.99$11.99 Gift Store
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    Zum Baby


    Natural Baby Products from Indigo Wild make bath time even cuter and your wee one smell even sweeter. We left out all the harsh chemicals and funny stuff and packed in plant-based ingredients and essential oils for natural baby bath products like no other. When you know what we’re made of, baby products from Indigo Wild are the natural choice.

  • Zum YUM Doggie

    $11.99$13.49 Gift Store
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    Zum YUM Doggie


    Natural Pet Products from Indigo Wild will make you sit up and sniff the fresh air. Nasty dog smells roll over and run away from our natural dog shampoo and other canine cleaning supplies. Fetch these natural pet products for you pretty pooch!

  • Zum Face Kit

    $35.99 Gift Store
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    Zum Face Kit


    Face The Music

    Your face is like your body’s lead vocalist. Nothing rocks your audience harder than a soft, smooth, healthy-hued you. So keep your A-side spinning right round with a premium facial compilation that’s gentle, plant-based, and made with organic ingredients. Zum Face products keep your beautiful encore going way past the after- party.


    Plant-based facial care made with premium ingredients and essential oils.

    Gentle for ALL skin types!

    Free of synthentic, toxic ingredients like petroleum, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colorings.

  • Every Moment Holy

    $29.99 Gift Store
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    Every Moment Holy


  • Naked Bee

    $4.99$13.49 Gift Store
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    Naked Bee


    Providing natural skincare products with nourishing ingredients that smell great! The Naked Bee believes all products should contain “all the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.” That is Naked Bee!