Herb & Drizzle Melts


Swan Creek Herb & Drizzle Melts

100% Natural Wax , Clean Burning, Lead Free, Intensely Fragrant with long lasting scent!


Made by Swan Creek Candle Co.

These are 100% natural wax , clean burning, lead free, intensely fragrant melts with a long lasting scent!

Place in any melting pot/burner and enjoy.


By The Fireside, Bourbon Maple Sugar, Home for the Holidays, Fall Fest, Luscious Lemon Vanilla, Apples & Spice, Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte, Mistletoe Kiss, White Peach & Clove, Citrus Grove, Roasted Expresso, Citrus & Sage, Spa Day, Vanilla Pound Cake, Golden Mimosa, Raspberry Rainbow Ice, Sweet Summer Wine, French Lavender Lemonade