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Frequently Asked Questions

We can make requests for special assistance from the delivery driver such as bringing them into the house or placing them in a certain place. However, their job is just to deliver the box and they are not a Sister’s employee so we aren’t able to specifically offer that service.

While all portion sizes differ, all of our meals are a plentiful serving adequate for one person.

Initial contact with your local human services agency or your case worker is a great place to inquire about eligibility for home delivered meals services. Once we receive notice that you have qualified and chosen our services, we will be in contact with you to set up your schedule of shipment.

We accept cash, check, credit card, Medicaid and government funded payments.

Sister’s Entrees offers a delicious and nutritionally well balanced option at meal time with enough variety to fit most menu requests. However, we do not at this time offer diet specific options.

The first shipment that you receive of each month will include the menus for the upcoming month so that you may fill them all out at one time and mail them back to us in the self-addressed stamped envelope that we provide. We encourage you to do this promptly as it is very helpful in allowing us to provide you the best possible customer service. We very much appreciate this and as a thank you we will include a free dessert item in your next shipment after the future menus have been received or called into our call center.

The foam is made of corn starch and is 100% completely recyclable and biodegradable. It can be used as a compost material, or simply ran under water and it dissolves and washes down the drain.

Your box can be recycled with standard cardboard recycling.

You do not have to be home to receive your meals, and your box will be left at your door. You do however need to be aware of the day it is coming so that it does not sit out in the hot sun for long periods of time. Remember that there are frozen meals inside. If you leave us with special instructions as to where you would like your box placed should you not be home, we will make every effort to communicate that with the FedEx delivery driver so that they can attempt to accommodate your wishes.

Absolutely! Anyone can order Sister’s Home Style Entrees Meals and we can ship them to surrounding states, not just Iowa. Check out where we ship to on the map.

Orders may be called or texted in to our call center at 515-332-1928, emailed to:, or via our website.

If you are an established customer, we provide a self-addressed stamped envelope once per month for convenient return of your orders.

Due to the fact that several thousands of each meal are packaged for your enjoyment, it is simply impossible to substitute items on a small quantity of those meals. We recommend that you order the meals that have a majority of items you like and avoid those that aren’t to your liking.

Yes, our meals are completely frozen when they leave our facility and are shipped overnight to your home in a specially insulated box with an ice pack and careful packaging. You will receive the shipment the next day.

We require a minimum order of 7 meals to either ship or deliver.

We need your entire month worth of menus back to us as soon as possible. It is best to fill the menus out the day you receive them and return them in the provided envelope or call them into us. 

The frequency of your deliveries is based upon your request to us. You may choose one per week, every other week, or once every month. Once we set this schedule up it will be revolving each month unless you tell us you wish to change it. The date will not necessarily be the same but rather the day of the week. Shipments will arrive Tuesdays through Fridays and only due to the occasional holiday that restricts delivery will the day of the week differ.

In the instance that you did NOT receive menus in the first shipment of the month it is likely due to the fact that your services are scheduled to expire and we have not received an update yet.

Once we receive that paperwork we will either mail those menus directly to you or include them in your next shipment, along with a self addressed stamped envelope.

If we do not have a current service agreement unfortunately we cannot ship your meals. You may want to contact your case worker to inquire about your current eligibility.

Yes they are. Simply place them in your freezer to refreeze and you can use them for whatever you wish.

Private Pay option:
Private pay is an out of pocket option. You can pay with either a credit card, check or online through this website. If you are having them shipped, they are $8.75 each with a minimum of 7 meals for an order. If you are picking the meals up, they are $6.75 each with no minimum order.

We also participate in State Funded waivers in Iowa and Minnesota – please see tab on how to qualify for meals.

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